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Treatments for a radiating face at the Wellness Oasis

Reviderm Ultrasound Super Skin Peel (60 min.)
Mikrodermabrasion combined with ultrasound, is twice as effective against wrinkles and many other skin problems. The whole appearance of the skin becomes better looking, radiant and well cared for. With an extra ultrasound treatment, enzymatic substances are brought deep into the layers of skin, thereby regenerating the skin. Thus ageing phenomenons, small wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation and especially scars, can be treated.

Reviderm Rebalance Hydro Impact (90 Min.)
This soothing treatment with intensive moisturising, quickly gives back o the skin its long lasting balance - for a harmonious and fine skin texture. Through the detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect, even sensitive, irritable and dry skin, regains its velvety complexion again.

Reviderm Wellness Lift (90 Min.)
The treatment that cares for your skin and soul. Calluses are thoroughly removed with Reviderm skin peeler. Pure almond oil combined with high quality active substances, pampers the skin and leaves it pleasantly relaxed. The skin functions become invigorated and the skin creates its own lasting self-protection, which is ideal for the colder winter months.

Maria Galland Thalasso Facial Care (60 Min.)
A salt water and algae mask, that supplies your skin with essential minerals and vitamins, making it optimally moisturised.

Maria Galland Luxuary Facial Care (80 Min.)
Exclusive Facial Treatment with TOP-CMG (white truffle), 24-carat gold, anti -ageing peptides and cell activator.

Maria Galland Masque Modelant Yeux (25 Min.) - Modelant Mask for the Eyes
This eye lifting modellage, is a cool and invigorating eye mask.

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Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Shaping
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