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From the beginning until today

1897 - 1st guests
If ancient walls could talk the walls of the “Erika”. The original plan of April 6th, 1896 was basis for the construction of the “Villa Gintsberger” – later called “Pension Erika”. Opening: Spring 1897. 21st June 1897: 1st guest of the house: Mrs. Ida Bosch from Augsburg. Guest travelled longest distance: Architect W. Winterhalter from San Francisco.
1914 - The beginning
1914 Purchase of the “Villa Gintsberger” from Mrs. Amalie Mihallic and Benedikt Schorer sen. And renaming into “Pension Erika” – that was the time, when Kitzbühel gained its reputation as a tourist location.
At that time the “Erika” consisted of: ground floor: 4 rooms, kitchen, cellar. 1st floor: dining room, 5 bedrooms, 1 (!) WC. 3rd floor: 2 rooms and employees rooms. Several rooms, kitchen, entrance and staircases were already lighted and had cold- and warm water. Following slogans tried to make the “Erika” attractive to tourism: Reachable from the station, through the main street, situated in southern, silent atmosphere, surrounded by 8000 m2 park and woods, near the sport courts, beautiful rooms with floor telephone, hall, society rooms, parking spaces, Ping-Pong, tamed birds and squirrels in the garden, three cable cars and six t-bars etc.
In that time lots of famous people were guests of the “Erika”, like children of Emperor Karl, Prince of Wales, barons and counts. The relation of price and effort charged with 4 “Kronen” (ca. 18 Euro) was obviously correct in that time.
1927 - Changes
1927 Double enlargement of the hotel. 1941 Marriage of Benedikt Schorer sen. & Mrs. Anna Bachler, 1942 birth of Benedikt Schorer jun.
1942 - Years of war
1942 Family Schorer was going to be a victim of the 2nd World War. From October 1942 until September 1948 “other” guests visited the house. The American and later the French troops were the new “guests”. A totally destroyed house was left behind, in one word, there was nothing left. A hard and long time of rebuilding started. The family considered different points of view what the new “Erika” might look like. Architect Fessler from Inssbruck, constructor Unterberger & Huter from Kitzbühel and Architect Feldt from Kitzbühel shared the opinion, that the art nouveau building should be turned into a Tyrolean building. A solid roof should take place of playful roof constructions. Of course things turned out the other way! After so many years the family nouveau style of the house and so they renovated the building brick by brick
1944 - Ups and downs of life
1944 birth of daughter Anni. 1948 birth of daughter Maria. 2nd March 1959 Benedikt Schorer sen. died. Benedikt jun. had to drop out of school and take over the family business. 1969 marriage of Benedikt & Uschi (maiden name Koidl). 1971 birth of daughter Johanna. 1973 birth of daughter Christine.
(Over 100 years Hotel Erika) - Plans
For more than 30 years the family is renovating the hotel to reach their goal of infrastructure, special atmosphere and animation.
From the beginning until now (the house is already over 100 years old), they primarily had to make renovations and advance the technical development. The first step was to decrease the halls and add this space to the rooms and bathrooms.
1976 - Reconstruction
1976 first indoor swimming pool and 7 additional rooms. During the constructions they had to face several problems due to steep landscape.
1976 construction of an elevator.
1987 reconstruction of the whole ground-floor inclusive dining room.
1989 general redevelopment of the kitchen.
1991 reconstruction of the 3rd and 4th floors.
1992 underground garages with garden above – to avoid traffic noises. By that opportunity they tried to find the treasure suspected in the garden (hidden by Benedikt sen. – treasure map exists) – without success!!
And therefore nobody will ever find this treasure.
1993 the “Schlössl-Trakt” was built on top of the dining room.
1995 the “Laubengang-Trakt” between the two basis buildings.
+ winter garden, adventure- and vital area: 2nd indoor swimming pool & sauna area.
1997 new rooms in the towers.
1998 reconstruction and enlargement of the dining room.
2001 - The next generation
2001 new entrance and new bar.
The original plan of April 6th, 1896 was basis for the construction of the “Villa Gintsberger”
The original plan of April 6th, 1896 was basis for the construction of the “Villa Gintsberger”
1914 Purchase of the “Villa Gintsberger” by Benedikt Schorer sen.
1914 Purchase of the “Villa Gintsberger” by Benedikt Schorer sen.
Villa Gintsberger -later Hotel Erika -<br>  with "Wilder Kaiser"
Villa Gintsberger -later Hotel "Erika" with "Wilder Kaiser"
The Art Nouveau Hotel
The Art Nouveau Hotel
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