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Massages at Gartenhotel Erika

At the end of a long day full of excitement, whether after skiing, golfing, hiking or biking, you will find the rest and relaxation you need with us. With a soothing massage, leave everyday life far behind. Looking to relieve back tension or simply feel like a full-body massage? How about a foot reflexology massage or lymphatic drainage? Book your massage before your stay or let us advise you when you arrive!

Our massage offers at a glance

Swiss stone pine massage (50 min.) A pack with fragrant Swiss stone pine wood curls for a soothing heat treatment is part of this unique massage for intensive revitalisation. The aromatic, woody fragrance in combination with warm beeswax/Swiss stone pine oil massage candles and fragrant massage oil ensures deep relaxation.
Intensive back massage (50 min.)
Soothing and intensive back massage to release blockages and deep tension. with/without OPTIONAL 15-minute warm mud pack (included in the price).
Full body exfoliation (25 min.) Ideal for preparing the skin for massages or other body treatments,
optionally with subsequent full body relaxation massage (total time 75 min. € 125.00)
Soothing full-body massage (50 min.) Relieving full-body massage with gentle kneading for complete relaxation. Ideal especially for people suffering from stress to reduce stress-related blockages.
Partial body massage (25 min.) Legs or arms, stomach, chest or back, as desired by each individual guest.
Manual lymphatic drainage (50 min.) Stimulates lymph flow and accelerates the removal of waste products. The treatment stimulates the metabolism and is therefore ideal for skin firming and cellulite treatment.
25 min. for 45,00€
Foot reflexology massage (25 min.) Stimulation of the foot reflex zones to release blockages. The body energies are balanced and the inner healing powers stimulated.
optionally in combination with a back massage (total time 50 min. € 85.00)
50 min. for 85,00€
Craniosacral therapy (50 min.) Tender manual body work with a very gentle touch - FOR DEEP RELAXATION, for the regeneration of physical and mental mobility of the entire organism, in particular in case of: stress, burnout, exhaustion, headache (migraine), preparation for childbirth, dental problems. Please come wearing comfortable clothes.

APM = Meridian acupuncture point massage 25 min. 45,00€
Using acupuncture sticks (without needles), the energy flow in the body is balanced and blockades are released. Also for scar treatment / elimination of blemishes.

Warm mud pack for the back 15-20 min. 25,00€
Can be booked in addition to any massage. Please book in advance so that we can prepare the warm mud pack in good time.

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